Sanctuary Project Sound Files

The University of Alberta has now incorporated the Sanctuary Sound Files into their audio/video website. The link to this is below.

In the top right corner of the opening page is a box “Search ERA A+V”.

A search topic or topics can be inserted:

“Sheho” will retrieve the 6 recordings made in that town.

“Sheho+Easter” will retrieve the 4 recordings from Sheho where Easter is discussed.

If one of the recordings is selected by clicking it then the complete recording will be shown with a list of the topics, and their length. If one topic is selected it can be heard. Also shown are the names of the interviewees, the place, and the date. Another recording can be selected by clicking “<-“ at the top of the screen.

NOTE: If another search term is entered ALL the library audio and video files will be searched and only those with “Main contributors: Kule Chair Endowment; Kononenko, Natalie; Himka, John-Paul” are for the Sanctuary Project.

To go to the new version of the Sanctuary Project Sound File Database CLICK HERE

Please send suggestions for improvement to